Plagiarism Check

Within AJER: Advanced Journal of Education and Religion, plagiarism is explicitly interdicted. The Turnitin plagiarism checker will be used to evaluate the similarity of a manuscript to others. Editors will follow up on the results to decide possible cases of plagiarism, and a similarity report will be provided to the authors. The following are some of the actions taken by the Editorial Board, including:
  1. Similarity index above 40%: in this case, the article was rejected due to bad paraphrasing or quotation, leading to outright rejection.
  2. Similarity index within 15-40%: in this case, the publication is sent to the author for correction and revision. Authors need to provide the correct citation for similar places and the correct paraphrase for the quote.
  3. Similarity index less than 15%: corrections or citations may be required, and all outsourced text must be appropriately cited.
In the second and third cases, the authors must carefully revise the article, especially when quoting and paraphrasing. When examining submitted articles, there must be a Turnitin report showing NO PLAGIARISM or less than 15% plagiarism.