Peer Reviewer

Every article published in AJER goes through a double-blind peer-review process by AJER peer-reviewers.

Submitted articles will be reviewed by the editorial team as an initial process. The editorial team will evaluate the appropriateness of the content, focus, and methodology in the article. Articles are then sent to one reviewer with a Double Blind Review position. Notes from the reviewer are then sent back to the author to be adjusted to the journal writing standards. The revised manuscript decision will be re-evaluated in the editorial board meeting. Later, the editor's decision in the final meeting will be informed to the author.

AJER editors are responsible for deciding which articles will be published. The validity of the works and their importance to researchers and readers should always drive the decision. Editors may be guided by the journal's editor policy board and constrained by laws that must be enforced regarding defamation, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. Editors may confer with other editors or the review team in making these decisions.