• Hani’atul Khoiroh Institut Keislaman Abdullah Faqih (INKAFA) Gresik
Keywords: Pembelajaran bahasa Arab, Manajemen


Management  is  a  pillar   in  carrying  out  all  activities  both economic, social and educational.  In the world of education, especially in the  learning  process,  management  becomes  an  important  foundation  in teaching  and  learning  activities so that the process carried  out reaps  the desired output. In the process of human learning,  it is not only the desired outcome but the  process  is also  important  because  it is the process  that leads to the achievement of learning. As for learning Arabic there are many problems that must be solved, both linguistic and non-linguistic problems. all  of that  must be found a  solution  so that  the expected output can  be achieved  optimally.  One  solution  that  can  be  applied  is to  manage  the learning  process  as  well as  possible.  While this  paper,  which wants  to uncover the concept of learning Arabic which can later be implemented to overcome the problems faced in various schools both public and  private. Management  of  Arabic  learning   itself  is  a  management  of  important components  of  learning  that  are  arranged   in  a  comprehensive  manner starting  from planning,  organizing,  mobilizing, and evaluating  to achieve the expected learning objectives. In the management of Arabic learning that must be considered are the four learning principles, namely, the principle of priority   (Al-Uluwyyat),   the   principle   of  corrective   (Ad  Diqqoh),   the principle of tiered (Ad Darjiyyah) and the principle of longing for learning (At-Tasywiq). The procedures that must be carried  out are, firstly planning (plan),   namely   planning   for    teachers,    students,   class   or   learning environment and curriculum (syllabus  and learning  implementation plan), secondly implementing (do), ie carrying out from what was planned, thirdly monitoring ( check) ie the learning  process is  overseen by the GA team, which later when a learning problem is found then it can be consulted to the team that has been formed at the school and the four  follow-ups are  the continuation  of the learning  activities after  receiving feedback  and  input from the team. The procedures  carried  out must stick to the principles  of Arabic learning that already exist.


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